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The Destination Dubai Conference 2018

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Musthafa & Almana, the global consulting firm serving a diverse mix of institutions in both public and private sector domains are proud to announce the first edition of the Destination Dubai – Legal Route to Investments Conference 2018. This exclusive “by invitation” event will play host to 150 – 200 pre – qualified investors with the opportunity to meet multiple representatives of the Government of Dubai, as well as key players from the private sector showcasing the various opportunities. The participants will get the opportunity to have One to One meetings with representatives from Government of Dubai, Dubai FDI and Musthafa & Almana.

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Our Partners

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Our Chief Guest

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Hon’ble Consul General of UAE & Head of the Mission to South India.

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Our Partners

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Co - Host

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Retail Partner

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Healthcare Partner

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Real Estate Partner

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Health-Care Partner

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Our Speakers

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Event Schedules

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M&A Initivatives

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